BTEC Senior Lead Standards Verifier

This job is closed and is displayed for reference only. 


Closing date:10 May 2019 at midday 

Senior Lead Standards Verifier (BTEC Assessment)




Purpose of the Role:

This is a customer facing role requiring the individual to visit and work with allocated centres to foster a culture of continual improvement and provide support, advice and guidance to customers on internal assessment practice. The role will also support the setting and maintaining of standards through an appropriate blend of support, critical appraisal and guidance across all BTEC Entry to Level 3 qualifications in Pearson approved centres.


The role will contribute towards ensuring that quality processes and internal assessment practices are effective for centres delivering BTEC qualifications across all accredited frameworks.


In addition, this role will be responsible for mentoring and supporting allocated Team Leaders by providing advice and guidance as required.


Key Accountabilities:


For BTEC qualifications, the Senior Lead Standards Verifier will:


Lead Standards Verifier Process

For all sector area(s):

·         Review quality assurance processes and internal assessment practice across all BTEC Entry to Level 3 programme areas in Pearson approved centres.

·         Act as a point of contact for the centre in relation to quality assurance for all BTEC Entry to Level 3 qualifications across all programme areas.

·         Assign a standards verification schedule to programmes based on triangulation of various data sources, and with consideration to the customer’s certification needs.

·         Support customers upfront with risk management.

·         Provide support, advice and guidance to customers relating to internal assessment.

·         Undertake all allocations as instructed by the BTEC Assessment team.

·         Produce reports for centres and Pearson on the activity undertaken, outcomes reached and support provided.

·         Produce targeted actions for centres and support them with continual improvement for quality assurance.

·         Support centres to understand and implement identified actions.

·         Report back to Pearson and centres within service-level agreements.


Senior Responsibilities

·         Contribute to the provision of leadership and support for the Lead Standards Verifier (LSV) process.

·         Contribute to monitoring and advise on the systems and criteria for reviewing quality and internal assessment practice within centres.  

·         Assist in the sourcing, design, scrutiny and delivery of effective, efficient and coherent training, standardisation and updating of all Lead Standards Verifiers to ensure the reliability of BTEC qualification outcomes.

·         Identify and escalate issues of adverse standards interpretation to Pearson personnel as appropriate

·         Work closely with Pearson to provide customer support and quality assurance guidance to ensure successful implementation of new products and services.

·         Support the BTEC Assessment team with centre appeals and complaints during the quality assurance cycle as required.

·         Contribute to any centre quality regulatory requirements as required.

·         Support with the development of guidance documents for the LSV process

·         Contribute towards the production of the end of year LSV report.


Performance Management

·         Make initial contact with allocated Team Leaders (TL) at the earliest opportunity to introduce yourself and outline the role of Team Leader in context of activities and expectations.

·         Follow the protocol set out in the Team Leader Handbook.

·         Mentor and support allocated Team Leaders by providing advice and guidance as required.

·         Review a sample of reports for each of your Team Leaders, each year to inform end-of-year reporting on the effectiveness of the LSV process.

·         Review a sample of the feedback provided by each of your Team Leaders to their allocated team, each year to inform end-of-year reporting on the effectiveness of the LSV process and to ensure quality of reporting and appropriateness of actions given by Team Leaders.

·         Ensure that your comments are objective, constructive and succinct. To set a RAG status of red, amber or green throughout the sampling process to ensure that standards are being consistently met throughout their allocation.

·         Provide ongoing formative feedback to allocated Team Leaders to help improve performance and allow them to be successful in their role.

·         Produce an end of year summative report tailored for each allocated Team Leader and related to their overall performance by given deadlines.

·         Encourage your team to provide sample exemplar materials onto Pearson for the use as future training or centre support materials.

·         Promptly notify any significant Lead Standards Verifier and/or Team Leader performance issues to BTEC Assessment and provide feedback as appropriate, recording actions taken.

·         Report back to Pearson on performance management outcomes within agreed timeframes.

·         Keep records of communication with allocated Team Leaders so that an audit trail of the Team Leader process exists.

·         Support with Team Leader report closure for allocated team(where needed).

·         Identify talent from within the sector that can be nurtured through development opportunities to ensure succession planning.

·         Undertake any other duties appropriate to the work of BTEC Assessment as required.




Previous Work Experience:



  • A minimum of 1 year experience as a Pearson BTEC Lead Standards Verifier
  • A current, working understanding of BTEC internal assessment
  • A willingness to engage in both online and face to face training and standardisation and to use technology-based approaches for communication, centre support
  • Be a grade 4 Pearson Associate
  • Hold a Team Leader role or above for either the BTEC Standards Verification or Quality Management Review process with at least 2 years’ experience in the role


  • Significant experience in delivering and assessing BTEC qualifications in a Pearson approved centre
  • Evidence of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in the field of vocational assessment

Skills and Knowledge


  • A customer-focused approach and the ability to work with centre staff to support continual improvement
  • Demonstrable people management skills
  • Be able to speak confidently and advise customers and Lead Standards Verifiers on all aspects of the internal assessment process:
    • Standardisation Approaches
    • The role of the Lead Internal Verifier
    • Assessment Planning
    • Assignment Brief writing
    • Internal Verification
    • Assessment of Learner Work and the provision of appropriate feedback.
    • Resubmission and Retakes
    • Standards Verification


  • Ability to review centre wide internal assessment processes and support centres in developing systems that are rigorous and safeguards certification
  • Excellent report writing skills
  • A secure working knowledge of the BTEC qualification suites across Entry to Level 3 specifications
  • Excellent communication, written, verbal, IT and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to develop and monitor clear action plans
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a remote team
  • Ability to understand the implications of decisions taken on Pearson’s behalf and to operate within the parameters  of responsibility defined within this job description
  • Strong problem solving skills:
    • Problems will include complex and sensitive issues which require careful and methodical analysis and the ability to suggest effective and appropriate solutions
    • Ability to respond effectively to problems and queries raised
    • Ability to suggest effective and appropriate solutions
    • Referring queries which arise that fall outside of the LSV remit.
  • Ability to edit materials to ensure they are grammatically correct and fit for purpose


Effective, professional and appropriate written and verbal communications skills

  • Maintain communications with a range of centre based personnel, including senior managers, programme leaders, Lead Internal Verifiers
  • Communicate with Standards Verifiers of varying experiences
  • Manage and maintain communications with Pearson personnel


Understanding and experience of a range of quality assurance systems

  • Strong understanding of BTEC quality assurance systems and ability to identify effective procedures
  • Ability to evaluate systems and suggest improvements relating to internal assessment


Assessing centre performance accurately

  • Ability to gather information sensitively and efficiently
  • Ability to analyse and weight findings
  • Ability to differentiate between requirements and good practice
  • Ability to present own findings succinctly and tactfully both verbally and in written form


Knowledge and understanding of BTEC Entry to Level 3 qualification requirements

  • Knowledge of systems and requirements to ensure the criteria for approval is valid
  • Support centres to continuously improve their performance
  • Understanding of Pearson quality assurance, verification and certification cycles and systems
  • Understanding of the vocational educational landscape and regulatory requirements for vocational qualifications


Effective influencing and action planning skills

  • Ability to work with centres on actions required
  • Ability to record agreed actions correctly
  • Ability to prioritise actions needed to secure improvements or solve problems
  • Ability to monitor agreed actions whilst maintaining a positive relationship with customers


Accurate reporting, specifically

  • Ability to submit reports in the correct format and on time
  • Ensure reports accurately reflect findings
  • Ensure reports are transparent
  • Ensure reports contain an appropriate level of detail which is useful to all stakeholders
  • Ensure reports are written with a customer friendly tone of voice


IT Literacy

·         Word processing and basic spreadsheet manipulation



Any Associate undertaking this role must:

·         Have personal IT equipment capable of running Pearson required software

·         Have a suitable internet connection

·         Have a personal and secure email account

·         Have a postal address in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland

·         Declare any conflicts of interest that could impact on the role

·         Have availability of 5 to 15 days, to commit to senior responsibilities, dependent upon the requirements and workload for the role, in any given year

·         Have availability for a minimum of 10 centre allocations dependent upon the requirements and workload, in any given year

·         Be able to conduct centre visits between 01 October and 30 January in any given year

·         Abide by the terms and conditions as stated in the contract for work


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