LCCI Task Writer (International)


LCCI Task Writer

Role Summary:
A Task Writer is responsible for setting the question tasks

Role criteria
You must have a degree or equivalent

You must have a minimum of 1 year experience of teaching a relevant subject and level

You hold a relevant teaching qualification (Desirable)

 We are currently recruiting applicants based in the following countries:

Singapore, Hong Kong, Cyprus and China 

You will be required to:
  • Produce a question paper, mark scheme and assessment objective grid.
  • Complete a copyright request form where appropriate and necessary.
  • If relevant, you must also seek to ensure parity of standards across optional questions in the paper.
In conjunction with the Chief Examiner you are responsible for:
  • Demonstrating how the specification’s content and assessment criteria and objectives have been met in the question tasks. This may take the form of a grid
  • Ensuring that the manner in which the content is tested in the question tasks is clear and fit for purpose
  • Ensuring that, where candidates may choose between questions, it can be demonstrated that any permitted combination of questions provides for the coverage of a similar balance of content and assessment criteria
  1. Taking account of feedback from previous assessment sessions, including Committee (QPEC) meeting.
  • Amend materials following QPEC as required.
    recommendations from relevant monitoring reports
  • Ensuring that the final question tasks meet the specification content and assessment objectives
You will be required to:
  1. Produce working draft materials.
  2. Edit materials in response to a review of the working draft tasks by the Chair of Examiners/Chief Examiner/Assessment Leader.
  3. Produce revised draft(s) in response to a review of the edited materials by the Reviser/ Chair of Examiners/Chief Examiner/Assessment Leader.
  4. Complete and sign checklist forms at each of the designated stages of production.
  5. Attend the Qualification Paper Evaluation

Please note:

As part of the application process you are required to complete a task. This can be found on the vacancy page and  must be emailed to us at within 7 days of completing the appliciation form

Application Information

We have a number of opportunities available for teaching professionals to join our growing teams of examiners, moderators and verifiers.

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