Local International Standards Verifier Level - BTEC (QCF) L1-3 - 2019 Asia

This job is closed and is displayed for reference only. 

Reference:LocalISVQCF2019 SEA 

Closing date:14 October 2019 at midnight 

Pearson have exciting opportunities for teachers to become Local International Standards Verifiers for our BTEC qualifications. Please note that you must be based in South East Asia.


Please note that if you are wishing to apply for the HN equivalent of the subject you have applied to, you will not need to complete another application form. We will automatically consider you for both HN and QCF, if both experience is listed in your application form.


The sectors we are looking for are:



Information Technology 

Purpose of this role:

·    To undertake sampling of assessment and internal verification decisions for units from a range of qualifications within a Principal Subject Area (PSA) to confirm that standards have been achieved.

·     To support centres delivering BTEC programmes during the sampling process.

·     To review centre resources, monitor the management of BTEC programmes and provide guidance and support.

·     To direct centres to information about the required standards.

Key Accountabilities:

Covering a defined range of programmes within a PSA, the LISV will;


·     Ensure that centres’ programmes are being assessed and internally verified to the required standard by sample learner work within defined parameters and rules.

·     Provide sampling-related support and development to centres.

·     Within agreed service level agreements, produce accurate, professional reports for centres and Pearson on the: sampling undertaken; outcomes reached and support provided.

·     Make judgements and where it is found that assessment or internal verification decisions or processes do not meet the required standard apply appropriate sanctions.

·     Produce a targeted action plan for a centre when required standards are not being reached.

·     Support centres to understand and implement identified actions.

·     Provide source materials for training and standardisation events, including centre assessors, internal verifiers and lead internal verifiers when requested.

·            ·      Undertake any other duties appropriate to the work of Centre Management in relation to this role.

Experience needed

·     A minimum of 2 years’ experience of delivering, assessing and internally verifying BTEC or other vocational qualifications at defined levels.

·     Experience of developing teacher-led (centre-devised) assessments to defined assessment requirements.

·      Experience of carrying out internal verification.


·       Evidence of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in the field of assessment and delivery of higher     level vocational qualifications.

·       Relevant vocational experience.


Skills and knowledge needed

·         A relevant sector specific degree or equivalent qualification.

·         A high level of sector specific vocational knowledge and understanding.

·         A thorough working knowledge of the specifications that comprise the area of expertise for the role.

·         Fluency in English at a professional level.

·         Up to date IT with the ability to use word processing and manipulate basic spreadsheets.

·         Excellent time management skills and the ability to meet deadlines.

·         The ability to develop and monitor clear action plans.

·         Ability to complete reports using accepted conventions of appropriate language, grammar and accurate       spelling.



·         Able to travel across international borders if necessary.

·         A qualification at Level 7.




Any Assessment Associate undertaking this role must:


·         Understand the implications of decisions taken on behalf of Pearson.

·         Not operate outside the sphere of responsibility defined within this job description.

·         Have a postal address within the South East Asia area

·         Have personal IT equipment capable of running Pearson required software

·         Have a suitable, reliable internet connection.

·         Have a secure password protected personal e-mail facility with the ability to transmit and receive a variety of file formats and sizes as attachments.

·         Declare any conflicts of interest that could impact on the role.

·         Complete annual updating training and sector standardisation.

·         Have availability for a maximum of 10 allocations in any given year.

·         Abide by the terms and conditions as stated in the contract for work.

·         Be flexible and be able to work with customised, unique specifications.

·         Work with the Deployment Department to arrange centre visits at appropriate times.

·         Be able to travel within the South East Asia area to undertake the role.



IMPORTANT! Additional information

·       You will be required to complete a task and training activities. Face to face training will take place in mid October 2019. 

·       You must complete the task attached in this vacancy in order to be appointed for this role. Please send this to nvqrecruitment@pearson.com.

·       Successful applicants will serve a probationary period during which they will be mentored and supported by  experienced standards verifiers.

·       Standards verification is normally conducted by 2 visits per year to a centre.

·       An allocation to a particular centre will not last for more than 4 years. 

Please note this vacancy will close on the 22nd of September 2019.

When applying, if you are wrongly rejected with an error messaging stating that you are eligible for UK roles only, please let us know at associate.pearson.com