Pearson Test of English - PTE General - Pearson PTE General Test Inspector

This job is closed and is displayed for reference only. 


Closing date:31 January 2020 at midnight 

Pearson is recruiting PTE Test Inspectors based in Greece or Italy.



Purpose of this role

To undertake unannounced inspection visits to international centres to ensure PTE General tests are being delivered with integrity and in accordance with Pearson and regulatory requirements. 

Key accountabilities

The Pearson PTE General Test Inspector will:

  • Attend and complete annual training and pass standardisation.

  • Ensure availability for PTE General inspection visits is fully updated through the agreed method.

  • Inform the Test Inspection team of any changes to circumstances where accepted allocations cannot be met 48 hours before the test is due to take place.

  • Follow the protocols set out in the PTE test report form which are derived from the guidance document and training. 

  • Carry out unannounced inspection visits to each centre allocated to you to review the security of confidential materials and to ensure the effective delivery and management of exams you have been contracted to review. 

  • Carry out unannounced, accompanied (member of Pearson Test Inspection team) inspection visits to each centre allocated to you as and when required.

  • Have the confidence to provide on the spot advice during the inspection. 

  • Produce a qualitative report for each test inspection visit, identifying any necessary requirements clearly and concisely, SMART action planning and to make recommendations, in accordance with guidance and training. 

  • Recommend certification suspension or further urgent actions that may affect the integrity of the certification (including malpractice) to Pearson immediately after the visit.

  • Report back to Pearson within agreed timelines.

  • Fully support the Pearson PTE General test inspection process.

  • Undertake additional training as and when identified by the Test Inspection team. 

  • Undertake any other duties appropriate to the work of Business Improvement and Regulation in relation to the role of a Pearson PTE General Test Inspector.


Previous Work Experience


  • Experience of working within the education or audit sector within the last 2 years. 

  • Previous experience of the examination process either within a centre as an Exams Officer, Deputy Head, Head, invigilator or 

  • Previous experience working within an Awarding Body and be familiar with the administration of examinations


  • Experience of working as an exam invigilator

  • Experience of working as an exam officer

  • Experience of making presentations or training of personnel

Skills & Knowledge


  • Knowledge or experience of quality issues arising from quality operations

  • Expertise in the analysis of quality operations and/or processes

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Excellent written and  verbal communication skills (English)

  • Excellent IT skills

  • Ability to make judgements on quality of systems and processes

  • Ability to understand the implications of decisions taken on Pearsons behalf. 

  • Able to make decisions under pressure

  • Ability to support centres and provide relevant advice

  • Ability to develop and monitor clear action plans

  • Ability to work towards and meet deadlines

  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team

  • Ability to work on behalf of Pearson and not to operate outside the sphere of responsibility defined within this job description

  • Be extremely organised and able to keep complete and accurate records


  • Knowledge of JCQ ICE requirements

  • Knowledge of Pearson academic exams

  • Knowledge of Pearson external assessment

  • Working knowledge of Regulatory/Standard Setting Body restrictions


Any Associate undertaking this role must:

  • Have personal IT equipment capable of running Pearson required software

  • Download and be able to use Adobe Reader

  • Have a stable and secure internet connection

  • Have a personal and password secured email account

  • Declare any conflicts of interest that could impact on the role

  • Understand the implications of decisions taken on behalf of Pearson

  • Ability to visit organisations/centres during a working week (including term times) at short notice (maximum up to 5 days notice) - February, March, May, June, October, November and December 

  • Be willing to travel

  • Ability to make travel arrangements

  • Hold a current passport 

  • Keep up to date with international travel restrictions 

  • Be able to meet agreed turnaround times from receiving an allocation, conducting a visit to submitting the report

  • Abide by the terms of conditions as stated in the contract for work

  • Successfully complete annual training and standardisation

  • Successfully complete any security training/updates required

The fee for this role wll be £150 per day. Please note the centre visits will take place on Saturdays only 
We are currently only recruiting in Greece and Italy and will only be ale to consider applicants with a home address in these countries. Any other applications will be withdrawn. 

Application Information

We have a number of opportunities available for teaching professionals to join our growing teams of examiners, moderators and verifiers.

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