T Level - Digital- Employer Validation Panel Member


Pearson is recruiting associates for the Pearson T Level qualifications.

If your application is successful you will be required to attend a mandatory online training meeting, and you will be paid for your attendance. Please note that a successful application does not guarantee a place at a training event. All applicants that successfully complete the training event will be placed on a list of people eligible to be offered a contract.


The EVP member may be required to:

• Review the draft scenario content.

• Check that the information provided in the scenario are in line with industry standards and appropriate.

• Provide constructive feedback to writer in the required format and suggest alternatives where appropriate.

• Respond to CPM queries on an ad hoc basis.

• Adhere to the production schedules and turnaround requests from the Content Production Manager.

• Do not, as far as is practicable, advantage or disadvantage particular groups of candidates on grounds other than competence in the subject.

• Use source material which does not cause offence because of inappropriate subject matter or language.

• Include appropriate graphics, photographs or images (where required) and that any diagrams are free from error.

• Check that there is no unnecessary repetition of scenario information within the set of papers. 

Experience and Qualifications Required

• You will hold a minimum of one year’s teaching and assessment experience or equivalent in computing or software development or programming or computer science at Level 3

• You will have a degree or equivalent work-based qualification such as a Level 5/6/7 NVQ in computing, computer science or software development or membership of a relevant professional body such as the British Computing Society (BCS) or the Chartered Institute for IT.

• You will have recent occupational experience in one of the following job or occupational titles: Computer Programmer, Software Developer, Software Engineer, Senior Software Developer, Director of Learning and Skills, Education Solutions Manager, Head of Corporate Affairs, Head of Apprenticeships, Principle Researcher of Software Productivity, Head of IT, CFO, Director of Business Management and Performance - Data & Analytics, Corporate Liaison, UX Delivery Manager, EMEA Education Manager.

• Be fully conversant with the languages in the specification eg, Python or C based languages such as C, C#, C++, Java

Competencies Required

• You will have the ability to work well under pressure 

• You will have the ability to meet deadlines 

• You will have a high level of subject knowledge in order to apply the mark scheme 

• You will have the ability to work effectively as part of a team

• Excellent communication, written, verbal, IT and interpersonal skills. 

• Strong verbal and written communication skills

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Application Information

We have a number of opportunities available for teaching professionals to join our growing teams of examiners, moderators and verifiers.

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