NVQ - FPOS - Subject Matter Expert

Reference:SME/ FPOS 

An external Subject Matter Expert provides up-to-date sector or subject specific expertise for the content and assessment of the given qualification(s). The Subject Matter Expert must have current sector/subject knowledge and/or experience relevant to the qualification(s) in question.

Key Responsibilities:

• Provides up-to-date sector or subject specific expertise for the curriculum and assessment of the given qualification(s) to ensure the qualification(s) is fit for the sector now and for the recent future.

• As a subject matter expert, you may also be involved in writing or reviewing the content and assessments to reflect sector needs. 

  Work Experience:


Current sector experience/applied subject knowledge with at least two years’ experience in the field you are applying for.
Skills and Knowledge:


Good communication skills; good standard of written English and ability to offer constructive feedback clearly and concisely
Confident use of IT and word processing
Ability to follow a brief and meet deadlines
Flexibility to adapt to changing guidelines and attend training as required


 Intermediate level skills in the use of Microsoft Word 


Any associate undertaking this role must:

• Have personal IT equipment capable of running Pearson required software
•  Have a suitable internet connection
•  Have a personal and secure email account
•  Have a postal address in the United Kingdom
•  Declare any conflicts of interest that could impact on the role
• Have availability, dependent upon the requirements and workload for the sector, in any given year
•  Abide by the terms of conditions as stated in the contract for work

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