Senior Standards Verifier - Vocational Qualifications - Health Service Sciences (Healthcare Science and Laboratory Science)

This job is closed and is displayed for reference only. 


Closing date:17 September 2021 at midnight 

We are currently recruiting for a Senior Standards Verifier - Vocational Qualifications - Health Care Sciences (Healthcare Science and Laboratory Science)


Senior Standards Verifier will be the responsible expert in terms of specification interpretation and verifier standardisation for a range of programmes within a Principal Subject Area (PSA) across all relevant frameworks or standards. To monitor assessment and internal verification for a range of programmes within a Principal Subject Area (PSAin order to report on national standards across centres.  Principal subject areas include: Healthcare Science and Laboratory Science, but it may change dependant on the future needs of the sector



  • - Sample assessment and internal verification decisions in order to report that national standards are maintained 

  • - Hold sector specific responsibility for assessment advice and standards interpretation  

  • - Offer specialist advice and support to centres and Standards Verifiers (SV) and Senior/ Team Leaders (S/TLs) in relation to the content and interpretation of specifications, assessment and delivery 

  • - Provide sampling-related support and development to SVs and S/TLs 

  • - Review SV and S/TL reports to comment on the maintenance of national standards 

  • - Identify and escalate issues of adverse standards interpretation 

  • - Undertake a proactive role in maintaining national standards 

  • - Develop the content for the training and standardisation of SVs 

  • - Lead and deliver training events to centres and SVs as required 

  • - Performance Manage a range of Senior Team Leaders across the PSA providing advice and guidance where applicable as well as carrying out 3xRAG reports on each through the year. You will also be required to complete a Summative report for each STL in your team and grade them on their performance. Alongside this you will support your team of S/TLs as they monitor and manage their teams of TLs 

  • - Produce an end of year report within the parameters of a defined template in order to comment on nationals standards 

  • - Report back to Edexcel within agreed service-level agreements 

  • - Contribute to Edexcel’s ‘Ask the Expert’ service 

  • - Represent Pearson as required 

  • - Undertake any other duties appropriate to the work of WBL Assessment in relation to this role 


Experience/qualifications needed 

  • - Substantial recent experience in verification of qualifications within the sector 

  • - Significant experience in delivering and assessing vocational qualifications 

  • - Lower or higher level assessment and delivery experience across a range of qualifications 

  • - Evidence of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in the field of assessment and delivery of vocational qualifications  

Competencies required  

  • - A clear understanding of the educational landscape and regulatory requirements for qualifications within the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) and National Qualification Framework (NQF) 

  • - Detailed knowledge of the specifications that comprise the area of expertise for the role 

  • - Excellent report writing skills 

  • - Ability to edit materials to ensure they are grammatically correct and fit for purpose 

  • - Excellent communication, written, verbal, IT and interpersonal skills 

  • - Ability to understand the implications of decisions taken on Pearson’s behalf and not to operate outside the sphere of responsibility defined within this job description 

  • - Demonstrable people management skills 


Extra requirements  

  • - Have personal IT equipment capable of running Pearson required software 

  • - Have a suitable internet connection 

  • - Have a personal and secure email account 

  • - Have a postal address in the United Kingdom or Republic or Ireland 

  • - Declare any conflicts of interest that could impact on the role 

  • - Have availability of 8 to 20 days, dependent upon the requirements and workload for the sector, in any given year 

  • - Abide by the terms of conditions as stated in the contract for work 

Shortlisted applicants will be required to attend an online interview. 



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