GCE A Level - Statistics 2017 Specification - Principal Examiner


Closing date:15 December 2023 at midnight 

Principal Examiners (GCE A Level 9ST0 Statistics) produce appropriate assessment materials, including question papers and mark schemes, and are responsible for the standardisation of its marking. 



To produce a working draft paper / respond to any amendments or suggestions and produce a draft paper.

To set / approve questions and mark schemes - demonstrate the specification’s content and assessment criteria has been met in the question papers (may take the form of a grid). Its content should be clear and fit for purpose.

To attend the Question paper Evaluation Committee meeting (QPEC) and produce a final draft.

To ensure final question papers meet the specification content and assessment objectives.

To ensure parity of standards across optional questions and question papers

monitor the marking standards of all examiners (including Assistant Principal Examiners, Team Leaders and Examiners), ensuring accuracy and consistency throughout.

To monitor the standards of examiners, advise on their appointment, training and reappointment.

To attend the awarding meeting, advise on mark ranges for the grade boundaries.

To submit an evaluation report on performance of the question paper.


Experience/qualifications required

You will have a degree or equivalent with a significant statistics content

You will be or have been a qualified teacher.

You will have UK school-based teaching experience, in the relevant subject and qualification, at a similar level to 9ST0

You will have assessment experience up to Team Leader level in the relevant qualification.

You will have experience of managing people.

Experience and Qualifications desirable:

Desirable experience

Experience of having taught components of 9ST0 in UK school setting

Experience of employment in a role involving statistical analysis of a level comparable to, or above, that employed in 9ST0


Competencies Required:

You will have the ability to work well under pressure.

You will have the ability to meet deadlines.

You will be a good communicator.

You will have organisational skills.

You will be IT literate.

Please be aware that for all our senior roles, you will be required to have access to a personal PC with internet connection in order to carry out your duties (for more details please see our System Requirements).


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