Principal Moderator- BTEC Level 1/ Level 2 Tech Award in Sport



The Principal Moderator is responsible to the Chief Examiner for ensuring that the standards of the internally assessed unit/component are maintained and are consistent with the unit specification and assessment criteria. The Principal Moderator is responsible for the setting of coursework tasks/set assignments and the standardising of moderators.   


·         Undertake the setting of coursework tasks/set assignments in line with the qualification criteria, and standardise coursework moderation  

·         Compile exemplar work, annotated to show how the assessment criteria are to be applied  

·         Ensure that moderators meet the standardisation requirements and take action if any moderator fails to maintain the required standard  

·         Ensure that all moderators correctly interpret and apply the assessment criteria and that they are using the same criteria as the awarding organisation provides for the internal assessors  

·         Monitor the standards of any Assistant Principal Moderators, Team Leaders and moderators  

·         Ensure that appropriate preparatory, follow up and remedial work with centres is carried out  

·         Be involved in the awarding process and advise members on how the component functioned and recommend preliminary mark ranges for the judgemental grade boundaries  

·         Submit to the Chief Examiner an evaluation report on issues relating to the performance of the component.  

·         In conjunction with the Chief Examiner/Moderator takes account of feedback from previous assessment sessions (including recommendations from relevant monitoring reports), as well as feedback from Assessment/Chair of Examiners/Reviser/Language Specialist and CPM. 

·         Confirms materials are ready to progress to QPEC stage and ensures committee agree on final wording of set assignment. 

·         Reviews set assignment to ensure content is free from error 


Experience and Qualifications Required:

·         Applicants must have a teaching qualification and a minimum of one full academic year of teaching

·         Experience in the relevant subject area/sector within the last 8 years

·         We require two references in support of any application

·         Experience of managing people and teams

·         The ability to work well under pressure

·         The ability to meet deadlines

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