GCE A Level Sciences - Lead Monitor

This job is closed and is displayed for reference only. 


Closing date:15 April 2024 at midnight 

Role summary

The Lead Monitor will be accountable to the A-level Science Assessment team and will be responsible for monitoring the practical endorsement process through the training, standardising and supervision of Assessment Associates (AAs) for centre visits. Monitoring visits will take place throughout the duration of first teaching of the course (visits could be in either the first or second year of the A level). Each centre will be monitored once during the two years in one of the sciences.

The Lead Monitor will be responsible together with the subject team, for the planning, coordination and arrangements for centre visits which will be carried out on dates agreed between visiting AAs and the centre.

Centre visits will involve being present at practical task lessons where the activity of learners has to be observed as part of the CPAC procedure.

The Lead Monitor will ensure that the assessment of practical skills meet the required standards and are consistent with the CPAC criteria.



  • To lead in conducting standardisation meetings and training of visiting monitors / retraining monitors;
  • To monitor the performance of candidates in accordance with the published CPAC criteria and procedures within visiting centres (schools), ensuring the overall standards are maintained;
  • To visit centres (schools) across England, Scotland, and Wales. Use of a car would be ideal but is not essential.
  • To report any difficulties encountered during the monitoring visits to the board;
  • To undertake an agreed allocation of centres to recruited AA;
  • To review reports submitted by team of monitors after centre visits;
  • To submit written reports to the A-Level Science Assessment team at the end of the monitoring session;
  • To submit a written Lead Monitor report at the end of the two year cycle detailing the monitoring team’s findings for the year and providing general guidance to centres;
  • To provide support as appropriate where visiting centres do not meet the requirements of the CPAC;
  • To represent and engage with other awarding bodies and stake holders on any issues relating to the CPAC arrangements and processes.

 What qualifications and experience are required?

  • You will have a relevant degree or equivalent in the subject.
  • You will ideally be a qualified teacher, with school-based teaching experience, in the relevant level and qualification.
  • You will have assessment experience of leading a team of examiners, ideally in the relevant qualification.
  • You will ideally have monitoring experience.
  • You will have experience of managing people. 

Application Information

We have a number of opportunities available for teaching professionals to join our growing teams of examiners, moderators and verifiers.